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Downloadable Content on Sale!

Many of the Chronicles of Atlantis fans have requested copies of the art work and even t-shirts with the Chronicles of Atlantis logo!

Now you don't have to wait to be able to purchase the artwork.  Visit the shop and you will be able to purchase and download high resolution digital copies of some of the illustrations from the Graphic Compendium.

We also have lithographs available that will shipped to your home.  Autographed copies are available as well.

We also have t-shirts with the Chronicles of Atlantis logo available and we will be adding more merchandise in the near future!


News and Upcoming Events

Calling of the Blood is the upcoming third book in the Chronicles of Atlantis series.  The prologue has been released!  Read the prologue to Calling of the Blood in the books section.  Come back often and watch for more news about the Chronicles of Atlantis!

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