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The Chronicles of Atlantis

The Historical Fantasy Series and Graphic Novel

The Chronicles of Atlantis is an exciting historical fantasy series transforming the greatest myths of mankind into an epic modern adventure.

There are currently two volumes and a Graphic Compendium in the series, with more currently in development.

In The Age of Immortals,  renowned archaeologist, Dr. Steven Carning, has been dreaming of discovery. Now, with his team of graduate students he makes the discovery of a lifetime under the Great Sphinx. A hall of knowledge, left behind by an ancient civilization, older than can be imagined and lost to time. Now, as his team is scrambling to understand this fantastic find, with some unsolicited help by a cryptic monk, Steven undertakes translating the works of this lost civilization. As this translation evolves, Steven is looking into a window over 13,000 years old, understanding the roots of some of mankind's greatest civilizations.

I could NOT put down this book, and I am really excited that the second book is coming out soon. The characters are so drastically different, but I could not help myself from identifying with all of them. It didn't matter if I was reading the thoughts of a graduate student, a ruler of a great city, a historian, or a warrior....

In  Dark Tides the anticipated sequel to Age of Immortals, Dr. Carning and his team continue deciphering the story of mankind's lost history. Old friends and new foes emerge. The ancient story continues coming to light. Princes Dias and Heracles fight for survival after the cataclysm. In Keb, Horus tries brokering a wedding, all the while Lila schemes from Ur.

This sequel is the great and inspirational continuation of first book. Dark Tides transcends the age of immortals. The author takes you on a journey through ancient civilization to the present times, making it a true masterpiece work. He draws an uncanny parallel between mythical characters of the past and people who are living in the present time...

The Chronicles of Atantis - Graphic Compendium is an illustrated depiction of this fictional and entertaining universe of the Chronicles of Atlantis.  A snapshot into the imagination of the author, not only does it brings to life heroes and villains depicted in the novels, but also his depiction of both human success and suffering.  The artwork is displayed in both the book section and the gallery and is available to download.

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New prologue available now!

The prologue for the highly anticipated
"Calling of the Blood"
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