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Renowned archaeologist Dr. Steven Carning has been dreaming of discovery. Now, with his team of graduate students he makes the discovery of a lifetime under the Great Sphinx. A hall of knowledge, left behind by an ancient civilization, older than can be imagined and lost to time. Now, as his team is scrambling to understand this fantastic find, Steven undertakes translating the works of this lost civilization. Through this translation, Steven is looking through a window over 13,000 years old, understanding the roots of some of mankind's greatest civilizations. As the story of this lost era of man unfolds for Steven, mysterious forces are also watching with eager eyes, and unknown agendas. The Chronicles of Atlantis: The Age of Immortals is an exciting action tale where our long forgotten past will directly dictate the fate of mankind forever.

What People Are Saying

I could NOT put down this book, and I am really excited that the second book is coming out soon. The characters are so drastically different, but I could not help myself from identifying with all of them. It didn't matter if I was reading the thoughts of a graduate student, a ruler of a great city, a historian, or a warrior - I know what it feels like to get results after working on a project for seemingly forever, to pine over tough decisions, to try to impress a superior, to need to go to a quiet place to think alone, to fear for the unknown, and to love so deeply it hurts. Dr. Paras does such an incredible job with character development that you can't stop turning the pages to find out what happens next for each of them.

It is not required to have an interest in archaeology, ancient civilizations, or mythology to become engaged with The Chronicles of Atlantis - I can assure you I have none of those interests. If you do, then this series is even more so for you than it is for everyone else. So trust me, whomever you are, and pick up this book. The adventures are awesome. Looking forward to Dark Tides.

I'm not greatly knowledgeable about archeology, mythology or geography but this was one check of a fascinating read. I had a hard time putting it down and read it in about 2 days. I'm assuming there are more books to follow and am looking forward to them. This is a touch like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but the discovery made is so much more fascinating. Anyone with an interest in Atlantis, archeology or mythology should definitely read this book. I enjoyed it tremendously Mr. Paras and am a true fan of this work

I thought it was great how the writer incorporated so many things of interest to me. He brought archaeology, Atlantis, Greek mythology and adventure together to tell a great take on the story of Atlantis. You can tell much research was done when composing this story. I found myself reading up on many lands and characters he spoke about because most of them have a story of their own. I will already began reading the sequel.

Age of Immortals Prologue

15,000 BCE, North-Central Europe

Ashen smoke and burning wood saturated the air. Deerskins and bear carcasses hung motionless across tree branches as Atlas walked towards the central huts of the village. The pungent odor of tanned animal hides reminded the tired explorer he was home. The middle-aged traveler slept late this morning, waking with the sun already half way to its zenith.  His arrival to the village the previous night marked his return after almost two sun cycles away from his home. He remembered his daughter a little girl, with long hair and a bright smile. Upon his return he found her a young woman ready for her own homestead. To his pleasure his wife still remembered him, allowing him to express his nuptial passions after such a long trip.

How much time lost? 

Atlas’ thick bear hide leggings and footwear cracked the cold twigs and dry leaves under his feet. He knew the cold was coming, but the ferocity of the northern ice’s arrival was worse than he expected. Before his expedition in search of a new home for his tribe, the stinging cool temperatures began. Now, Atlas returned to find dreadfully few of his people out and about, the consequences of the rapidly changing climate. Walking past thatch huts and hay covered dwellings the common theme was dry dead crops in front of most homesteads. Now he understood the importance of his mission; that was not necessarily the case those many moons and suns ago.

The path to the central huts of the lords of the village opened up into a central agora. In the past this agorawas teeming with villagers and guests. Ranging from hunters with meats and skins, to travellers from far off lands introducing foreign foods, activity was never scant in the center of the village. Now, all Atlas witnessed was a couple of children playing in the dirt. He walked up to the two innocents behind a veil of smoke coming from nearby burning husk and kindle. Their faces were half covered in dirt, and their bellies were swollen. Tears emerged when he noticed the children were not playing with the dirt… they were eating it.

“Terrible, I know”, stated a man’s voice from his side. Atlas turned and to his pleasure he saw an old friend.

“Pelops! How are you brother!” Atlas gave the younger man a fraternal hug, and continued, “So you have returned as well. I was unsure if your journey to the south had completed. I take it you are walking to greet lords Zeus and Poseidon?”

“Yes brother. I arrived the day before last.” Atlas could not help but notice his colleague’s bleak face and wet eyes.

“Pelops, is all well?”

The younger man could not speak. Tears just continued to flow from tired and dirty eyes into his thick and flea infested beard. After some breaths he was able to speak, “I just came from the mountain side Atlas.”

Atlas’ eyes widened. One went to the mountain side for one reason only, to bury their dead. “Who?”

Raising his dreary face, Pelops spoke, “My woman and infant son. The boy did not even see a full sun! Curse Gia for bringing this northern ice to us! Curse her!”

“I am truly sorry for your loss brother. How fares your older son and daughter?” compassionately replied the older traveller.

“They are as well as can be old friend.” Pelops took a few more deep breaths. Standing tall he wiped his face, and straightened up his straps of twined vine holding a satchel made of pig’s stomach across his back. “Let us move. The lords await our report. Hopefully with my discovery we can leave this wretched and accursed place!”

“So you had success in the south?” asked a curious Atlas.

“Aye brother, my expedition did make a discovery. There are lands to the south, after the end of the eastern branch of the Great River. It is mostly an outcropping of mountains leading into open sea. The climate is very fair but dry. The seas are blue and clear. There is a point where a scant land bridge leads into a large island. The region before the land bridge carries valleys good for crops, and the entry area of the land bridge is ideal for strategic placement of the village. This may be our new home brother. What of your travels to the west?”

“I too have found a land brother. I travelled as far west as to the open seas where I am convinced monsters and gods lurk. There was open water as far as one can see Pelops. Truly a site to see! Following the shoreline, I came upon vast waterfalls. Entire mountain ranges pouring like rivers from this large sea into a land basin. In the distance, fairly visible to the naked eye was a large island. With the help of a local tribe of fisherman I built a simple boat and travelled to the island.” Atlas pouted his chest a bit as the entrance to the central huts was approaching.

A curious Pelops asked, “I am sure the fisherman had already examined this island no? They probably served as useful guides.”

Atlas smiled, “No brother. They never approached the island in their seafaring. They claimed demons from the sky approach the island and feared their wrath if they attempted to explore the island.”

“Demons from the sky? Come now…” scoffed Pelops.

Atlas raised his hands and turned his lips, “I am merely a messenger brother. The day I made for the island the fisherman warned me if I were to see lights in the sky that was a foreboding to their arrival. I acknowledged their warning and made my short voyage. What I found was magnificent. A large island teeming with life! The island is structured as a set of rings, with satellite islands surrounding its shoreline. The land was rich with vegetation and the climate was pristine!”

The two endowed explorers finally reached their destination. The large wooden doors to the royal sanctuary were rattled with cracks. Pushing the doors open Atlas felt the thick vines maintaining their integrity would not hold. Once inside, the more pleasant odor of burning leaves of chamomile and mountain tea struck both men. The large homestead was dark. Even the dirt on the ground seemed darker than it should be. Far ahead two seats were the focus of the room. To the side a third seat stayed eerily empty, a constant reminder of the fallen third royal brother, lord Hades. Two long bearded men sat in the respective seats. One with a few grey hairs starting to infiltrate his beard had an infant daughter in his lap. With Atlas entering the abode, the bearded lord placed the child in the arms of a tired woman to his side, and stood to greet the explorers, “Welcome my brothers! It is good to have you back in the fold!”

Atlas was the first to bow, “Greetings lord Zeus. It is good to be home.”

With Atlas’ head low, he saw Zeus step up and place a consoling hand on his partner, “I grieve for your loss brother. We have all lost this past season. This is why your charge, was so paramount for our people.”

“Gratitude my lord”, replied a solemn Pelops.

From the back of the room, heavy steps were heard and creaking wood announced the standing of Poseidon. The middle son of the former lord Cronos finally spoke, “Very well then. Brothers, tell us, what have you found on your travels? Have you found a new home to save our people?”

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